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I get to trippin, slap the clip up in my 44; Shit I been thru in my hood made my heart cold

Today was a day of firsts, it was pretty crazy.

After school, the majority of the track team went to the all comers meet. I went to go talk to Chelsey for a couple minutes before she left on the bus, and wished her luck. I gave her a long hug (or whatever you call it when two people hold each other close and stand there), which caused an interesting situation which I'm well familiar with by now. Seeing my short window of oppurtunity, I took off from the pool to Riechel's room at a dead sprint with quite a respectable boner. It was a most interesting experience...

It further reinforced my theory that it's impossible to get it up while running, 'cuz in the ~20 seconds it took to get to Riechel's room, I'd completely lost it. Flaccid as the day I was born.

Actually, I'm pretty sure that was my only first. :/ It was a good one, though!

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